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Hi guys,

Just finished up a complete package for a customer's 2005 M6 Z51 coupe this weekend.

Package included:
LG Pro Long Tube headers
3" muffler system
Vara Ram cold air
G5X1 cam package
FAST 90mm intake manifold
Exedy twin disk clutch
LG Motorsports professional install
Complete Dyno Tune
LG Coil over package
GM T1 sway bars

Our G5X1 camshaft was designed as a very powerful yet mild enough cam to use as a daily driver. It has a muscle car idle, without being to wild to take to dinner. Not just peak power but power ALL across the RPM range, which is why the G5X1 and FAST intake package was chosen as it will be used as a street/autoX/HPDE car so full RPM power was a must! Of course, that extreme low RPM TQ would not be possible without the LG Pro Long Tube headers!

Throttle response is also greatly improved with this package so the car will respond much quicker to your commands. The TQ is strong enough even at 2500 RPM that tire spin is completely up to you. :D

Not only was power a concern but so was handling, with our G2 Coil over package and GM's T1 sway bars corners are something to look forward to. :cool:

Give me a call, or PM with any questions you might have on a package for your Corvette.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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