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Hi, I'm new here and this is my first post. I thought it would be appropriate to introduce my car, as it is the reason I'm even here. haha.

My fascination with Corvettes began roughly 9 years before I was born, when my Dad bought his '67 in 1974. He enjoyed that car, washed it daily, and eventually sold it to my uncle, who still owns it. Needless to say, I grew up in a car family.

I'm not sure when I got the C3 bug, because I came up with mid-years, but I remember putting together lots of Revell C3 models and painting them bright red. I think I did one yellow one, but I probably had 5 red C3s (keep this in mind).

When I turned 16, I drove the aforementioned midyear and decided I needed to have a Corvette. However, I wound up with a Chevelle that eventually consumed the rest of my teen years, and all through college, and led me to buy a GTO project, leaving my Vette dreams a distant goal; I figured I'd do it later in life like most people do.

Then, we do a couple C3 projects at my uncle's shop. Just engine swaps, one was a minor engine compartment detail, but it was enough to start to stir the kindles. Then my Dad bought a really nice C4, so now I'm really starting to feel left out. But hey, I've got a few projects by now, just isn't time, right?

We were having dinner with a family friend who was brokering a deal for a barn-full of C3 stuff, and I asked him about a '72 convertible I saw there before. Apparently the frame was shot, and he said "Oh, you want one of those? Well, you don't want that one...", and began to tell me about a one-owner '72 coupe he was quite familiar with.

So, a few months passed and I didn't hear much about the car. Like I said, I wasn't really in the market for a new project, but I was young, still lived at home, and if I had to come up with the cash, I could. So it was one of those things where I didn't care which way it went - and then the phone rang.

"Yeah, your car's here"...

"Ok, I'll be up to look at it..."

"Better bring the trailer, I told him you'd take it."

"Wha..? Ok"

This friend of ours has owned/sold nearly 60 Corvettes in his life, and I wasn't going to question it. And he made this decision without popping the hood. Frame's great, never been hit, who cares if the numbers match, right?

So, I get there, I pop the hood and - BAM. VIN #'s stamped on the block. A/C, automatic (which is still growing on me...), tilt/tele, deluxe leather interior, and beside the original air cleaner and rallys, every single nut & bolt was there!
It was originally white with a black interior, and has since been painted black (which is flaking off).

So that was three years ago, and I haven't touched it since. And I got to thinking about it - this was my dream car, minus the white paint and the auto - what's the holdup?

And I guess it was my fear of etiquette & cliche. Every Corvette I've been around was bone-stock original and I had adopted the philosophy that modifying Corvettes was blasphemous. Not a critique or judgement on anyone else's car, because I've seen some really nice and tasteful modifieds, but not my style. Then I questioned my reasoning - the originality preserves the resale, but do I ever intend to part with this car? It only has 63K on it, I'm technically the second owner.

So, I decided I wasn't breaking Corvette etiquette by deviating from the factory - but what about cliche? Every Corvette is red, blah blah blah. Then I thought about it and decided that every Corvette SHOULD be red. haha, not really, but who cares? This is a childhood dream of mine, and I grew up not caring about what anyone thought, why should I be a lame adult?

So here's the plan - Porsche Guards red, big block hood (non L-88), and over-restore the crap out of the car. It'll be the straightest C3 I've ever seen, the frame won't be glossy, but will shine more than the factory did. And I think I will keep the automatic, I never experimented with one yet, should be fun!


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Fantastic! I'm getting the big red X where the pic ought to be. Might check that out 'cause I would love to see it. Show us some progress pics too. Good luck!:thumbsup:
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