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lift info for c6 zo6 [ as in 2 post lift ]

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Would appreciate some feed back on lifting a c6 zo6 with a 2 post lift. I see the recomended jacking points in the corvette owners manual and am not sure that I can spread the lift feet that far [approx 9 ft front to back] but it looks like the rear lift point could be adjusted forward to a point by the front of the rear control arm. Also I was told by somone to open the doors and hood for movement [ flex ] of the body and chassis. I am sure that several of you have a 2 post lift and use it on your vette. Thanks in advance, an old hot rodder and a new corvette owner.
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I would not lift mine any where except at the four locations provided for lifting pucks, and I would never lift it with out lifting pucks.

my 2 cents.
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