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read thru the links on this old thread«

this may help

here read this, degreeing in your own cam after buying the tools listed below is a great idea because

(1) youll learn a great deal about your engine doing it!

(2)even with the cost of the tool kit depreciated over only a single engine build-up, it will still cost less than most shops charge to do it for you CORRECTLY and over several engine builds its a total no-brainer that your way ahead cost wise

(3) you can get the purchase price of the tools back over very little time charging a minimal fee to check/install cams CORRECTLY

(4) youll prevent lots of major problems by checking and finding manufacturing errors and assembly screw-ups and a single manufacturing mistake not caught in time before starting your engine can easily cost you a whole engine

(5) the dial indicator and base can be used to check other engine clearances

(6) the kit comes with a video tape instructions, all the tools, degree wheel, dial indicator ETC.
PART # 249-4796
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