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Any C6/C6 Z06 owners here have this problem? I've read about over 30-40 other owners have had their rear axle nuts back themselves out, causing damage. I'm gonna go get a deepwell 1 5/16" socket and make sure mine are tight. You can access them by simply removing the centercaps on the rear wheels.
BTW 118 ft lb torque on these.

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I checked mine a couple weeks ago on my C6Z.
Passenger side O.K. Drivers side took about 1/4
turn before I got a click @ 118 ft/lbs. Only have
about 2100 miles on it. I'm taking it to VIR for a
HPDE on July 2 and 3. So I will definitley keep
an eye on them. If any of them work loose again
I'm thinking about some locktite. I bought a
34mm deep socket to use but it's a little loose
but works, so I ordered a 33mm deep socket that
should fit better, also a 1 5/16" would work.
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