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I had new front tires installed a few weeks ago and was told whomever installed them previously reattached the sensor on the passenger's side with a plastic twist (for garbage bags). The person then told me he reinforced it.
I started feeling a vibration and determined the sensor fell off and was rolling around in the tire. I brought it back today and the sensor was destroyed. I never had a problem with the sensor falling off for 20,000+ miles. He said he reinforced it, but how can it not fall off for over 20,000 miles and then all of a suddon fall off after being reinforced? I demanded he replace the sensor at no cost. He tried to call today and was told the part was discontinued.

I have been trying to find a sensor online and have not had any luck. Where can I get one? He is going to try and call GM next week, but I would like to have an idea of how much it costs. Also, why didn't it come up on my display that sensor was not working? When the driver's side is low, it does not show up on my display either. I used a little Fix a Flat in the past, maybe that did something?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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