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Lowering Help

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:lookinup: Hey guys,

Going crazy over 1/4 inch. I have lowered my Vette on stock bolts. It is STILL lower by 1/4 inch on driverside than on right side. Can the shocks cause this problem. I have checked out all other normal things and all looks to be perfect. I am thinking to replace the shocks just to eliminate that as the cause. Lots of guys have told me that it is normal, others say it is not very noticeable, DUDE, it sure as **** noticeable to me :WTF :lookinup:

Let me know what ya think guys........Later,

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Apparently it is normal for the driver side to be lower. I had the same thing when I lowered mine. Like you it was bugging me and after insisting to my mechanic he managed to get the car within 1/8 of an inch. He did say that he had to set the rear bolts at a different lengths to compensate for the lean. To me it looks much better when the car is even and it did not affect the ride or handling any. My advice is get it level and you will feel better, the car does not seam to care and drives same, even or not.:thumbsup:
Thanks for the reply, but ya know what? I am going to replace the front shocks first to see if that takes care of it....I CANT RESIST DUDE.....

I will post pics once I do this.....Thanks.

If you did not remove your front bolts, you can even out the lean by raising the side that is too low. I'll bet the new shocks won't change anything. Since you seem intent on changing the shocks, you might want to consider a Pfadt coil over setup. Then you will have full control of your ride height.

P.S. Check out the sticky thread on lowering. You'll find a bunch of guys have the uneveness problem. One guy says he spent a week tweaking the adjusting bolts until he got his car sitting just right. My car is a little lower on the driver's side too, but it doesn't bother me.
I doubt that is your problum. Now if the car seems real bouncy to you, I would change to bilstein sport shocks. Big difference on my car. But as far as height, you just have to play with it and get it the best you .can. :thumbsup:
Thanks for ALL the replies guys are fantastic> I won't be changing the shocks, car is NOT bouncy at all and handles freaken perfect. No noises or anything. I will do just that, I will raise the side that is a little lower and hell with it. Let look at it from this perspective, it's a VETTE, it looks good even like Patrics Z, all beat up with salt marks and speeeeeed scratches :):thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Thanks to all again!:cheers:
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