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Hey guys im normally found in the C4 section but thought i would share this with you from another member on my local forum gulfgt

The Freak Evo from SAUDI ARABIA (caution LS1 Inside )

Hi guys wass up , long time no see huh
i know lot of you dont know me here , but some of the old member do .
ok guys this is somthing crazy , its mady and owned by a friend called abdulaziz al reshed mashallah me works with his own hands on all his cars , and for sure with a project like this Suliman el gureshy wich i think most of you know from the drag race days .

Yes guys like what you read Some of my crazy LS1 friends ( suliman , wajdi, abdulaziz and more crazy guys ... ) called me and told me come now , you must see this Evo ... I was at the barber cutting my hear , thy told me now come now !
I told what evo, just tell me on the phone, thy just said now come and see it!
So as fast as I could I left and went to the place we hang out, a car mod shop called big wheels.
Ok tell now not evo, and every thing is normal! After less than 3 min I hear that amazingly loud car, I thought it’s a camaro or a tan is or I don’t know what! I look and can’t see any thing ... then I got confused!!!
It was coming out of a white evo 7 which has a JDM evo 9 rear bumpers and a front Accolade Bumper!
Ok that sounds weird I tell my self and my face started to give a weird expression!
My LS1 friends started laughing, I was still confused!
The car comes and park beside us, and comes out one of our friends with a big smile on his face and the car is still giving out a non 4g63 tones! No it can’t be the idle is weird to!!!
Thy open the carbon cavlar hood and what I see!!!
Yes these crazy guys put in a supercharged LS1 instead of the 4G63!
The car is so crazy, till now its rear wheel drive but thy will connect the AWD system soon!

I didn’t know what to say, I was in a shock!
This car will be a drift and drag car, and I must say Adulaziz the owner did one hell of an amazing job...

all i know about the car is that is got a ls1 supercharged and right now its RWD but soon they are gonna connect the AWD system up using it out of a GM AWD system, the car is gonna be used for Dragracing and drifting, with hopefully around 600hp

for more info check out the evo froum

the evo guys hate it haha

but i personally think its pointless but, you gotta give the man credit for being the first and doin the work all him self

what do you think? will be interesting as the evo forum hates it lol

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WHY?! The 4G63 can be made to run 7.XX's on stock displacement not to mention the ability to stroke it to 2.3 liters. Waste of time and money if you ask me... and yes I'm a fan of EVO/STI's :laughing:

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WHY?! The 4G63 can be made to run 7.XX's on stock displacement not to mention the ability to stroke it to 2.3 liters. Waste of time and money if you ask me... and yes I'm a fan of EVO/STI's :laughing:
I've never been in an EVO, but from everything I've read and heard that engine doesn't deliver much torque in the normal driving rpm range. If that's true, I could see this project creating a vehicle that's much more fun to drive everyday.

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that thing with AWD and a slick tire would snap your neck from a 5k rpm launch.

i havent driven an EVO in real life but i have in GT4 (i know down laugh) and you do have to wind the motor up to get going. also the gears are really short with 6th ending at 160 or so. another thing to consider is the weak stock clutch, car and driver burnt the clutch in like 20 minutes when comparing an evo to the sti.

all in all to the japanese the evo is like our corvette, with 10 generations of racing history, kinda cool, not a vette but still pretty cool.
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