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Feel yourself lucky
You can save $1500 as GM now sells the ZR1 supercharger as a kit for $6000, Part number 19244103
It is better as it has the dual cooler bricks and far better warranty

Local here with a 2008 C6 with A6 transmission bought the EVS kit from a big mouth vendor gave little if no support.
The install document stinks but worse is the kit comes with a SCT canned tuner box.
Car was flashed and the transmission was totally F'd up.

The selling vendor, Eldelbrock and the tuner vendor all blamed each other and in the end the C6 owner had to take car to Chevy dealer who after reviewing the TCM for the A6 voided the cars warranty, charged the owner over $1,000 to fix. :WTF

In the short all the vendors screwed up and showed not one of them tested what they were selling as what caused the damage was the canned tuner box was force flashing the WRONG transmission software !
Worse it took all of them over 2 weeks to figure out the problem was flashing the wrong software in the TCM which says the tuner box does not even check first to assure the version and models match.
You also have no choice in maybe wanting just the PCM flashed and not the TCM and even though the tuner box was used to flash back to stock it did not fool GM as they could tell TCM had been flashed

After 3 months not one of the vendors has paid the costs for the damage and shows those vendors and 3rd party insurance you buy with the EVS kit is useless.
Also the engine tune was not very good and when properly tuned by our local tuner gains 40 HP more then the vendors claim who have been reporting low numbers for stock C6s and then claiming higher gains with the kit after install

There should be no reason not being able to tune a 2005 which means the tuner they use as shown above does not know how to tune and your better off not using the tunes that come with the EVS kit but the ZR1 kit is the way I would go

I have a 2005 C6 LS2 and I ordered the eforce from Edelbrock in mid August. They have been in weekly contact with me as they are not able to ship the unit due to the 2005 operating system (the problem only exists with the 2005). Their techs have been having some difficulty getting the unit to work right and as of last Friday, they had 2 of the 5 systems working. I have been told by a company VP that they hopefully will have the product available within a few more weeks. Needless to say, this post confuses me and i will need to have a discussion with Edelbrock as to why I do not yet have a unit to have installed?
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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