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I think you already know I'm subscribed, and I'm dying to see how you deal with the cold air intake, and a few other items.
If you toss a filter on it and leave it, your IAT's are going to run rather high. This is where I am at, and now, I'm thinking about modding the radiator support at the top as there simply isn't room topside, and cold air is really required. Those high IAT's are costing me HP as the PCM compensates with stuff like timing.

I REALLY look forward to this build! PLEASE document the crap out of it! Heck yea!:partyon::D:thumbsup:

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This car was in ruff shape when it came to us. There were substantial problems with all that had been done with the conversion up to the point where it came to us. And I actually forget if he didn't like our price to tear everything out and start over or if the owner of VetteXperts backed away from the job.

If memory serves I think this car had a 6L80E mated to the LSA and they didn't cut the floors and modified the crossmember to let the tailshaft hang real low putting the driveshaft at a very stupid angle. If you look at the picture you can see the angle of the engine. I think we were suggesting to remove the powertrain and gut the interior for floor modifications so the powertrain could be mounted in a more friendly way to the driveshaft.

I was ready to jump all over this back in that day. I would have made this a real machine. But it just didn't solidify.

I can't make threads here for the last things I did at VetteXperts because they weren't Corvettes. But I do have detailed threads on the last things I built and what I was working on in my last days there.

LS376/525 Flyin Miata with a T56 swap and seam welding:
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LS3 Lamborghini Diablo kit:
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And this Dart big M 572 powered 1968 C10 with the 400 trans and Gear Vendors and FAST EFI that sits incompleted because of our falling away. This was originally meant to be a Stacey David Copperhead clone. It is unfortunate this was left unfinished:
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