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maf sensor

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is it necessary to change the maf sensor on an 03 from the stock one to a modified after changing the air intake, any differences. put on chrome duel cone ram air intake.
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Welcome to DC! Changing the MAF is not required when switching intakes. :thumbsup:
No its not necessary, but I changed mine to the 90 mm and you can tell there is a little better throttle response. If I remember it was around $400 from west coast corvette. Remember breathing good is the first step to true performance.
thanks for the reply. I've heard changing the maf sensor could cause problems and does not really make a difference, I've also read to just remove the screen on the stock one. I'm confused wheather or not to change. was thinking of using the one sold by midamerica motor works for 299.00.
the stock MAS has been tested up to 500HP with no problems. i'd only think about replacing it if you got forced induction.

if you just HAVE to play with it, a plastic housing might improve airflow ever so slightly but nothing really significant.
:agree: i have only seen problems with aftermarket MAF, and also disrupts custom tunes. In most cases i have seen negative dyno numbers due to timing issues. If anything replace the ends as mentioned above and keep the factory sensor. This is one of those mods that cost allot and doesnt really produce great numbers. I would spend the money on something else such as a ls6 intake.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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