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main belt tensioner replacement procedure

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Has anyone replaced the main belt tensioner by yourself (the one that's on the right - passenger - side of the engine, with 2 screws and is visible from the top). I hear people do this alone.

Do I remove the 2 screws first and then remove the belt? Or do I remove the belt first and then unscrew the tensioner? The belt is pretty tight obviously and I don't want to damage it by pulling it off while tensioner is still on. :lookinup:

any one?
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Use a breaker-bar to relieve the tension and take the belt off. Then use the breaker bar and return the tensioner to it's orginal position so it doesn't snapback on you. Pull the two bolts and install the new one. It's pretty simple to complete. Good luck.:thumbsup:
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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