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hello, i'm an aspiring c4 owner, and before i buy one i'd like to know what kind of things there are for maintenance. i know, of course, things like changing oil. but i've always been one to believe that preventive maintenance is the best practice.

does anybody have a "list" sort of form with all the maintenance (and time/miles frequency) that they do to their late c4s? (preferably '94 - '96, if that matters at all)

thank you

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Follow the owner's manual pertaining to fluids, but most importantly as a previous C4 owner, I think it is most important that you drive the car often. :thumbsup:

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This is not a do all etched in stone but rather a guide line to give you an idea. Pretty basic for all vehicles

Every 300 miles or every week (whichever comes first):
Check Engine Oil level
Check Brake and Power Steering Fluid levels
Check Engine Coolant level
Check Windshield Washer Fluid level
Check Tire Pressures and Condition of tires

Every 3000 miles of every 3 months (whichever comes first):
All of the above plus:
Check Automatic Transmission Fluid level
Inspect the Engine Hoses
Inspect the Windshield Wiper Blades

Every 7500 miles or once a year (whichever comes first):
All of the above plus:
Change Engine Oil & Oil Filter
Lubricate Chassis and Top Off all fluids
Inspect Exhaust, Suspension, Brakes and Steering components
Replace Fuel Filter and Air filter
Replace PCV valve
Rotate Tires
Check Manual Transmission and Overdrive Oil levels
Check Rear Axle Oil levels
Check Throttle Linkage and Throttle Position Sensor setting
Check Serpentine Belt, Replace if Frayed or cracked
Check Spare tire

Every 30,000 miles or every 24 months (whichever comes first):
All of the above plus:
Change Automatic Transmission Fluid and filter
If Manual Transmission, Change Overdrive Fluid
Drain, Flush and Refill Cooling system
Inspect Evaporative Emissions system
Replace Spark Plugs
Inspect Plug wires, Distributor and Rotor
Check Timing and Adjust as required
Check Shock Absorbers for leakage

Every 100,000 miles or 6 years (whichever comes first):
Perform ALL of the above steps plus:
Inspect Steering System wear indicators
Inspect Exhaust Manifold for cracks
Check Compression of all cylinders
Check Fuel Flow and pressure
Inspect Chassis for Corrosion and/or rust

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You're right to worry about preventive maintenance, but since all c4s are at least ten years old, the maintenance was largely the responsibility of the previous owner. That said, like any other car, look for a car that has all records of maintenance performed like oil changes, transmission service, plugs, plug wires, etc. If you find a car that doesn't have any paperwork, walk away, because it could be a money pit. Aging cars are expensive to maintain.

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my 91 vert needed for maintenence /fluid changed /

u joints/radio/starter /altenator/ and starter /clean throtel body /

other up grades top with all seals[rubber gakets], new rugs , ithink that
will hold me till i get my c 5 i love my c4 but iguess im also in love with
a c5 elec blue vert too =now i know why people have 2 vettes

im a vette poligamest=cosmo:partyon: :partyon: :partyon:
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