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I want to share with you what I built during this winter. It's a cross-bar which I made to stabilize the C4 Corvette chassis and make it more ridged, especially with the top off. I saw a picture of something similar a few years ago on a race car and I always had in mind to build something like it myself. The only difference being my Vette is driven on the street and all functions must be obtained after mounting the cross-bar. Since I have all the tools needed to accomplish the build, I was just looking for an inclination to finally start this project.

I had everything I needed on hand:
.236" thick Ni-Cr-Si steel plate (any mild 1/4"steel plate will do)
1.34" diameter pipe length 32"
1.90" diameter pipe length 39"

Tools: drill, welder, lathe, cutting wheel, torch, sandpaper, putty, paint

Step 1. Use cardboard and make templates of the two lower brackets

Step 2. Cut the steel plates to shape according the form of templates. Then bend them using a torch to heat the steel plates.

Step 3. Drill 2 x 1/4" holes in each lower bracket

Step 4. Make the upper brackets the same way as the lower ones using a template.

Step 5. Drill 1 x .475" hole in each upper bracket

Step 6. Mount the two lower brackets to the frame using the two 1/4" studs which will show after removing the roof panel rear storage bracket.

Step 7. Cut the 1.90" pipe to length

Step 8. Mount the upper two brackets. The two stock bolts have to be turned down to .470" and 2 spacers have to be made. see picture

Step 9. Cut the 1.34" pipe at about 40° to length

Step 10. Tack weld everything together and see if the crossbar can easily be removed

Step 11. Weld everything together. If you intend to use mild steel for your brackets, then put the crossbar back in and weld inside the car.

Step 12. Clean seams, apply putty, sand down, filler and then paint. Remember you can't get this thing powder coated once you apply putty. So it's up to you if you want to clean the seams or not.

It can be removed in minutes. Stock location of the seat belts, but the bolts have to be altered somewhat, see picture. The storage of the top in the trunk can still be utilized. The seats can be moved as far back as always.

The pictures actually show more than I can explain.

If anybody needs more info you're welcome to ask. I must add, this is not a project for everyone as you will have noticed. You have to be a good metal worker, able to weld etc. and have all tools to make this happen.

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without posting clear & detailed pictures its extremely difficult to imagine what your dealing with

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Thanks for the info but we definitely need piucs
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