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Besides the fever for Corvettes which we all share I also have had a serious case of 78-83 Malibu flu for as long as I can remember. Ive had at least a dozen of the boxy downsized Chevelles since i was just 12 years old, raning from 200cuin 3 spd autos(right now actually) to 10 second big block powered manual transmission, brake, and steering cars back when I had more time and money on my hands than I did brains.

The 1978 Ive had for about three years now and used as a daily driver on off during that time has been the one I wanted to make "The One". Marriage, a little boy and just general adult life all conspired to keep this car as nothing more than a totally stock 3.3L V6 with a Turbo 350 and get ready, an upgrade to stainless brake pipes(because the stock ones blew out)

But now, meaning literally today, the project is on again and seriously. As of 7am tomorrow I will be the ownr of a mint low mileage L33, other wise known as the Gen3 HO 5.3L all alloy truck engine. I stumbled upon it for the ridiculous sum of $250 while looking for parts for a customers vehicle. I also just before lunch inherited an iron shift fork LS1 T56 trans that needs only a clutch housing!

I knew that the LSx didnt drop right into the A/G body without frame fab so I called ATS to see if their LSX motor mounts would work on the malibu, they couldnt be sure but suggested I look at their site and verify the measurement myslef. They should work, AND ATS makes a new oil pan that allows a mod free install of an LS engine in early GM muscle.

thinking it must be my lucky day I decided to see if I could find a nice cheap front brake upgrade to the measly 10" stock discs Ive got now. I knew baer makes numerosu kits but they all tend to touch what i consider to be the stratosphere for a front brake upgrade(about 1700 for a 2 piston 11" setup), well before I even left the ATS page I noticed that their bitchin alloy steering knuckles for first gen A/F/X bodies that allows you to bolt on ANY C5/C6 brake kit were now available for the G body!! Holy crap, this car is just falling together!!!!

Its still gonna take a while to get everything together and on the road, but its on the way now, its set in my mind and will get down

approx 375hp all alloy 5.3L Gen3
T56 6speed manual
C6 Z51 brakes and hubs(unless someone want to donate their unneeded Z06 brakes)

I havent been excited about a car in a while, I am psyched!!!!!!!!!!
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