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ok, you know that code YC 455? hasnt sold. so why not
chuck it in the k5 blazer? good 4.21 stroke, 4 bolt, nodular
crank, d port heads, 10.5 pistons--AND i got everything but
a 2x4 intake that works with HEI-- if i can find one im doing it.
i see easy 450-500hp+ and over 550ftlb if built right. already
got everything to build motor so cheaper than doing another
mark IV chevy 454 motor from scratch.

whats the trick to fitting pontiac block to 73-87 c/k truck frames?
motor mounts? which headers fit? i know i need b.o.p. to chevy adaptor plate
for trans, but unknown on rest. figure if ANYONE on the web would
know, it would be you......... thanks for any insight.

and if any of you other freaks (i mean that in a good way)
got any ideas, please dont hesitate.

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Getting the motor to fit isn't a problem. I've done several swaps in street rods like a Buick nail head in a deuce and a 500cid caddy in a Model A. Good luck with headers (different bends and straights are available online). You might find some that fit. If not you could fab them them or have them made On the Model A I had Sanderson make me a set to my specs and they did it for not much more that a regular set

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Do me a favor and make a post for me on Digital Corvette today John. One and only post. Zinc is a Friend of mine. He needs help installing a Pontiac 455 into a Chevy Truck he has. Tell him the 1970-74 Trans Am Motor Mounts and Frame Brackets are Best and Strongest of All. Able to take 1000,Hp +.
I have 1 extra set of 70-74 Frame hoop brackets but using on my 1987 Corvette to install a Pontiac V8 Turbocharged. The 1970-74 Frame Brackets are hard to come by today.
The easiest option is to buy an Engine front motor plate or make one himself.
All Pontiac Power Front motor plate is best. What Big Chief uses for 5500 Hp High Boost on his Pontiac V8 Crow GTO.
Jim Butler has them.. Universal fit you fit yourself, Pontiac Trans Am 1970-81, & Pontiac GTO 1964-72 Direct fit also. Just $189.00 all 3 styles. Super strong. What I am buying for the 1970 Trans Am soon.
Tell Zinc I am no longer there on Digital Corvette and Grumpys.
I am on Facebook Daily doing Race Tech In Corvette, Pontiac, Olds V8 , & No Prep Drag Racing Street Outlaws groups.
BFF also still up and working.
I still post there occasionally.
Can contact me there also.
Leave my phone number, call me or text me.
What Guys from Grumpys site do now for my Help.
Brian Reeland
Copy and paste please John all.
Leave silent.
Thank You !
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