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February 20, 2003 Newsletter

Dear Subscriber,

This month's Performance Professor Lecture "The Manifold Parts of Automotive Induction Systems" will be available for download later today, February 20, 2003. Below is a portion from the introduction:

"By one simplified definition, a typical automotive "induction system" is a network of passages connecting an engine's cylinders with a source of inlet air, attached to which is a metering device that regulates air or air/fuel mixtures. Such systems may include fuel injectors located downstream of the air inlet point or accomodate either carburetors or throttle body injection (TBI) units at a point servicing all passages to the engine's cylinders."

The Professor's interview for this lecture is with Ken Sperry, who, since 1975 has been responsible for the air flow development of all engines released from the General Motors Powertrain Technology group as well as the training of all air flow technicians currently working in the air flow facility.
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