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I could be wrong... BUT:

- The newer cars, such as the C5, don't record the mileage in the odometer, they record it in the computer. It's in a protected SRAM somewhere. A really good hacker could probably find it. It's not the main computer, but some simple little jobber somewhere, hidden away. Probably VIN synched to prevent this kind of abuse. Not something that the ordinary Joe can do. They do this, not so much to protect US, but to protect them against false warranty claims.

- As a general rule, insurance companies do not fix and resell cars. That's not their business. Any car that they "total" is sold. Sure, quite often they are sold to reconstructors or someone who washes the title and puts the VIN on a stolen car, but that's not really their problem.

- You can often discern the mileage of a car by looking at the condition of the seats, the steering wheel, the pedals (on cars with rubber pedals), the suspension (on higher mileage cars).

And as Patrick pointed out, there are just way too many cars out there to shop from than to worry about a marginal car like this.

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