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I would go take another look at the car and ask which dealer it came from. Let the guy know that you are going to check with a dealer on the service records and look at his face. Until a car is out of its 3/36 warranty who do you know that wouldn't take it to a dealer?

The original odometer could have been replaced a year ago and the guy thinks he can pass it off.

When shopping for my 87 I was told to look out for this. The early digital clusters would fail and someone would just replace it, and the odometer, with a rebuild that would have however many miles on it.

I have found that carfax is not completely reliable. My 01 Blazer got clobbered 8 months after I bought it. After State Farm paid a little over $10k to fix it, it still comes up under carfax as having never been in an accident.
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