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Re: milage not correct? Can this be true?

97redc5vette said:
A friend of mine is looking at a c5. It says it has 22k on it. I don't think its true. How did this person shut this off? Did he maybe pull the fuse for the dash? Im really confused, because the car looks like it has 100k on it. What should i check for? Its automatic to, so i don't think he pulled the speed sensor. Maybe attacked the wire in the dash that holds the milage reading??
See, that proves Oliver Stone's theory about the grassy knoll and the friggin' Tonkin Gulf Incident.

I'm glad somebody else out there is on to them. There are black helicopters in Montana, dude. Don't let 'em fool you.

This is all part of the Tri-lateral Commission's attempt to wreak havoc in the Corvette resale market!

Vote for Tom McClintock Tuesday!

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