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I don't care how to really catagorize these, but just for giggles, here's what I've done to the 72.

New crate engine
Performer manifold
Edelbrock 600 cfm carb
fuel pressure regulator
Edelbrock fuel pump
1" swirl torque 4 hole spacer
Edelbrock water pump
MSD 6A and coil
Distributor rebuild by Lars
Pertronics Ignitor
MSD Super Conductor wires
Power Master 100 amp alyernator
TransCo shift kit
All new front suspension
1 1/4" sway bar
Edelbrock IAS shocks
PST poly bushings all around
new rear control arms
New Carpet
100% All new wiring harnesses
New AutoMeter gauges
new radio
new speakers
added the luggae rack
chromed the side vents
new wiper motor
FlowTech headers with Jet Hot coating
2 1/2 " exhaust pipes and cross over
Dynomax Super Turbo mufflers
Dewitts alu radiator
Spal fans
cleaned and inside coated the fuel tank
100% new brake system
L88 high rise hood
New steering wheel
100% new light bulbs

and a bunch of smaller stuff:cheers:

They say a labor of love? :rolleyes: :huh:

And, for a buck, I made a fire extinquisher holder that is being sold for over $50 on the other forum:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

An OD tranny and Hot Rod Air are the next biggee's:partyon:

Mr. Casino
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How do you like the carb?

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Impressive list. How big is the crate? True labor of love.

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How much do u think youve put into your vette, in terms of american dollars ???

Ive had mine for 6 years now and completed a frameup which the previous owner started...and id say im up to about $15 K. put into it. Paid $17.5 K. The good thing is, Im all done and am really enjoying it !!!


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elints- I like the Edelbrock. Real easy to tune in. I think they come a bit rich out of the box, but setting it up is cake. No hesitations, stumbles, nada, it's perfectly smooth under all conditions.

Torch, it's just a base model 350 truck engine. I call it my grandma crate:laughing:

Dave, I'd have to check the receipts, but roughly around 15K, give or take. The biggest single bites were labor for the wiring harnesses, engine install, and hood paint. I did everything else myself.
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