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The ugly result of the dumbing down of America is that it has resulted in people being ignorant of what this country is all about and they start to elect scoundrels like Clinton twice, then Obama, without even looking at what this guy is all about. And this party of Republicans begins to fall in line with them. The idea of a senator or congressman(or woman) being in office for 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years is a travesty. It's a club and it's self-serving.
Stay on your toes, folks. There's another election coming up in 2012 and if Obama gets re-elected, this country is lost. People get used to handouts and freebies and "cash for clunkers" so much that they lose sight of what is actually going on in this country.
It's time to elect those who may not be the smartest, but have a desire to uphold the constitution of this country and not remake it. Can't get any worse than these "experts" and "highly-educated" and "liberal" senators and congressmen have made it. These lifers who grow wealthy at our expense, take our money for "taxes and Fees", pass laws to give them carte-blanche use of any money collected in this tax system and spend so recklessly need to be booted out and soundly at that!
Does anyone really know how much 1.3 TRILLION really is??
Wake up folks.
1 - 1 of 46 Posts
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