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The great depression lasted from 1930 to 1949.

Past resessions? tough to say.

Each time the dynamics are changed.

Far worse dynamics are in play now.

With the huge loss in home values, 75 percent homes upside down, middle class bennies that drove a huge market are getting dropped for better profits, which tanks the hc industry, and people cannot afford hc anymore, 401Ks are unreliable, wages are down 30 percent, Boomers and seniors are dying, which are the last bastion of the middle class with equity, we need to downsize govt, add 10 million of them to unemployed, 2 million afgan and iraq war vets to unemployment, mothball the military and aerospace war contracts, which will dump another 5 million jobs and add unemployment, HC will crash and only be affordable to the wealthy unless for some reason the middle class magically find 14k a year per family to pay for it, HC crashing will add another 20 millin to unemployed, plus we have the current unemployed and all those 20 mill? new immigrants that are draining the expanding outsourcing trend...Companies like Blockbuster and Wellpoint that inflate their prices to cover overhead and profit requirments...Energy and food speculation.....

I dont see any way out nomatter who the next few presidents are or what they do.
:agree: Thats why WE need to teach and live our lives with Faith, Hope, and Charity, It will take years to fix what has been started the last 100 years. If everybody works at it the right 535 people will be in government and all this will be fixed:lookinup: As far as today, we all need to elect people for the right values not the right party:huh:
1 - 2 of 46 Posts
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