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After the appearance by Ron & Johnny O’Connel at the bash,press event and race awards dinner this year. If you have a Ron Fellows Z06, you should be even more proud now. The emotion shared with all of us was in unmatched to any Corvette event I have ever been at. The pride these 2 guys have representing Corvette for us on the track is beyond words.

Having a car named after you,

for Ron Fellows you can tell he was touched and thrilled at the same time. He even got out of a ticket , THE VERY 1st TIME HE DROVE HIS ON RF Z06, (Chevrolet by the way gave him a choice of #1 or #3…he picked #1, )but when driving his Z for the 1st time, he was pulled over and after the officer read the window sticker, because that is all Ron had in the car…the cop said, “do you know you’re Ron Fellows?!” :laughing: they both laughed and Ron said, yes I do! No ticket for Ron, I will at some point load the video of him talking about this as well as how he hates getting in the Corvette C6-R after Johnny, because Johnny sometimes does something on the seat…….STAY TUNED.
Again what a blast.

OK, now for the MOST IMPORTANT PIECE to go with your Ron Fellows Z06..

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How do you find out about that kind of small stuff?

Again, it was a pleasure meeting you in person at the Bash!

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