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Much love to Iburke

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This crazy guy let ME drive his Z06. What a nut. I probably shouldn't be telling you all this lest you think he is losing his mind but when we met up in Iowa with storms all around and the ground sopping wet he tossed me the keys and said let's go. Man what a car. My only regret was that is was too wet out to really get on the throttle. I was able to run a nice 1/2-3/4 throttle in second up to about 5 grand while it wasn't pushing the car by any means it did give you a feel for how hard that car pulls.
I am going to have to meet you again Ivan somewhere it's dry out so I can really experience that car.:devil:

Thanks a ton for giving me the opportuinty to drive one of the greatest Corvettes ever built.

If your ever in Florida and want to experience what a slow and crappy/ creeking C-4 is like the keys are yours.:laughing:

Great meeting you and your grandson hope he is feeling better.
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He's young he heals faster than we do...Sorry the weather wasn't better for your drive. Looking forward to meeting up with you again in the near future.:thumbsup:

Bob88 is your dad isn't he?
The picture says it all... you were a kid in a candy store. :thumbsup:


Just be glad you were driving. Ivan's own car doesn't trust him. :devil:
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Just be glad you were driving. Ivan's own car doesn't trust him. :devil:

:rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: :rolling: Wait what am I laughing about he's right...:D
Bob88 is your dad isn't he?
yes sir he is.:thumbsup:
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