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hi there,

im getting code 36 (87 stock auto) background info since ive had the car:

ive replaced the waterpump, knock sensor, 1 coolant heat sensor, air power coupling, and the two relays for the maf on the firewall behind the battery.
ive checked all vacume lines and connections, ive cleaned and re-taped the exposed wires on the fuel pump relay, checked all wires/connections to and from the maf.
i have checked the maf voltages (all is fine) and ive even seen the maf wires glowing (the burnoff in action).

the code 36 is only coming up every now and again, not every drive, which in itself is puzzleing to me. the only thing i have really noticed is that on colder mornings (10 deg cel) the ses light will come on for the first drive, but later in the day, after the outside temp has warmed up a little (20 deg cel), the ses light will stay off after i start the car.
sometimes the ses light will not light up for the bulb check?... but that doesnt happen very often

i got a feeling its got something to do with the computer!? what do you reckon??

thanks for listening

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