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My 50th Birthday present

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Hi everyone, I have been around a while lurking but since I didn't have a Corvette I never really had anything relevant to offer, till now.

Look what my wife got me for my 50th birthday!

It was a surprise party so I was shocked by that and then this little radio controlled Corvette rolled up and ran into my foot. The DJ said follow the little car. I figured I would play along. When I followed the little car out the door This is what I saw. I was (for the first time in my life) completely speechless. The last photo is my wife and I going for a little run around the block. I took off pretty fast which explains the look of terror on her face.

I know, the drivers front and passenger rear sawblades need to be swapped. I checked and the rotation direction is correct.

I have always wanted one. Been shopping for years for just the right one and she found the perfect one in the local Pennysaver. Isn't she cool! Life is indeed good!

Thanks for looking and see you around the forums!
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Congrats and happy Birthday! Nothing like it, is there?:partyon:
That is outstanding bro! Nice vert! :thumbsup:

What a cool story! :cheers:

Oh yeah, happy birthday! :D
Congrats!!!!! Sweet Vert! :partyon: :partyon: :partyon:
That's totally awesome!

Thanks for sharing the experience with us!

About those "saw blades" - I saw a similar Vette once at Carmax. The salesman went on a big spree about how carefully all their cars are inspected to be sure customers are getting a top notch vehicle. It was then that I noticed all of the directional tires were mounted the wrong way. What a hoot!
Well Happy Birthday to you:thumbsup:
Congrats and it looks like you had a happy B-day...
Happy Birthday! Congrats on your awesome birthday gift.
Happy Birthday, and congrats on the new ride.:thumbsup:
Great story! And that's a really clean looking C4 'vert you have there!

I better not hold my breath for my wife to buy one for me. I'll start turning colors. :laughing:

She does tend to buy me things for father's day, birthday, etc. that I was on the verge of buying myself, but I asked her yesterday if she was planning on buying me a Corvette as a surprise someday.

...silence. :lookinup:
What a great birthday gift!!! :thumbsup:

Congrats on the new Vette and Happy Birthday!
What a great wife! Happy Birthday, that's a awesome story!
congrats that is a great gift enjoy your birthday:thumbsup:
Congrats. Can I borrow your wife for my next birthday/ :laughing:
Happy B-day and Congrats on the great present! Your wife did good, love the color combo! :thumbsup:
:surprised Happy Birthday, what a great present!!:thud: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
Congrats...Happy Birthday!

Love Your New Vert
Now that's a birthday present! Congratulations!!! As for your wife, you better hang on to her. Sounds like a keeper to me. :thumbsup:
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