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Good day to everyone!
My name is Eugene, i live in Moscow and i am happy owner of the greatest car in the world Corvette C5 Z06.
I bought it few years ago and done huge work to resurect it, but i have some problems i cant hadle with so i need your advice and your help.
I n Russia there is no official Corvette tech support so your advices are my last hope.
Problems are following
I have 5 errors diplayed, and i dont know what to do with them

fuel trim system lean bank1
knock sensor circut front
MIL control circuit
heated oxygene sensor (HO2S) circuit insufficient activity bank 1 sensor 2
5-tcs c1282h
RR excessive wheel speed variations

I have no idea how to fix them, i reset computer few times but they still appear again and again.

Also i need your advice Corvette brothers!!!
I have Z06 2001 with strocker engine, i planing to have about 500hp when i am done with it and i need your advice about clutch cit.
My stock clutch is dead and i cant deside what clutch to buy,
Please, if you try any clutches of any brands, give me some advices.

Thanks a lot and waiting for your comments

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Welcome To DC:cheers:

As for the computer you may want to have a Professional stateside reprogram it. If these codes appear constantly they may actually need your attention mechanically. o2 sensors can be a pain.

As far as your clutch if you want to save money just upgrade to a LS7 clutch. Handles 500 horses very well.
Otherwise Spec and Mcleod make some good examples!
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