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This is my drawing of the C7 corvette, I think they should bring back the design of the Aerovette concept from the 70's. So I started with a sketch of the C6 Z06 and worked from there.

I'm not a great artist I just used a simple paint program to put my ideas, maybe some of you Photoshop artists can make a better one for us.

Hide-away headlights off.

UPDATE: this is a design that "fyreline" did over at CF:

I just made it look more like a corvette, I think it looks like a cross between a C3 and Ford GT:

Lights On

Side view, I took this sketch of the FORD GT and made it look more like a corvette:

*Hide-away headlights like the early 90's Jaguar XJ220 that drop down.

Jaguar XJ220 Lights off:

Jaguar XJ220 lights on:

You can see the hideaway headlights of the Jaguar XJ220 in operation at 5:35 min into this video:

Come on GM you gave us supercar performance, now give us a supercar design.
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