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The '81 has been in the shop now for a good going over, fixing oil leaks, replace rotors, calipers, brake pads, rebuild rear, shocks, alignments, bushings, bearings, seals, all new power steering system, AC, new red line tires...........oh yeah, I'm gonna spend a buck or two. I want it running for all day trips with no worries. A few things good, engine, trans, interior stuff in good shape.

Wanted to dress up the car show cart with a little patriotism, found some of my old patriotic display stuff. I had some old Harley flag holders and flags that will get back into service, and a down position for highway running..............on the trailer, that is. Worked out just right.

I finally got around to solving beating up my shins problems.

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Flag Building Flag of the united states Interior design Motor vehicle
Hood Bicycle part Wood Bicycle frame Bicycle fork
Gas Building Shade Ceiling Automotive exterior
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