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My Experience Dealing with Mike Dyer (tracdogg2)

I am regretfully posting this thread and only doing so to help prevent anyone else to loose as I have.
As many of you know I am collecting all the parts and components necessary before I begin the body off resto/mod of my 73 Corvette BB Coupe.
I have been collecting the parts for a little over three years and at this point have about 90% of everything I need.
This part of my story began in January of 2019.
With all my suspension, brakes, steering, under the hood components, transmission and many other items stored on my shelves, it was time to research and find the right person to build the rear differential.
I narrowed my search down to three people as they were all highly recommended and were the three top quality differential builders (in my opinion).
After talking with the three builders I picked Mike Dyer because he was recommended by several people who raced and abused their equipment on the track.
I won't be tracking my Corvette, but I will be putting a high amount of torque and horsepower to the rear wheels and I wanted a differential that would hold together for years.
I talked with Mike Dyer several times between January and March planning what I needed and how he would build my HD 10 bolt differential.
Mike asked for $1,900.00 upfront to purchase parts, told me he would complete the differential in 6 weeks and have it shipped to my address.
About four weeks into the build, I called Mike and we talked for about an hour on the telephone and we agreed that Mike would supply the half shafts from Tom's, 31 spline outer axles, parking brake assembly, and set up my new Van Steel 2" offset trailing arms for my coil over suspension.
I immediately shipped Mike, per his request, my new trailing arms and an additional $2,000.00 to cover the remainder of the parts and a portion for the labor.
I was very happy with how things were going.
About four weeks later, I called Mike who told me there was a problem with the outer axles he received from Tom's and he was waiting for Tom's vendor to correct the problem, but he would rather wait for the better axles than use something lower quality.
Several weeks passed and I again called Mike who did not answer my call and his voice mail was full, so I could not leave him a message.
I tried to contact Mike several times and it was the same thing, until one night he did answer his phone, late at night, Texas time.
Mike told me that that during a heavy storm the roof blew off his shop and the rain prevented him from doing any work until he could replace a portion of his roof.
I accepted this as fact and Mike told me he was ready for the final assembly of my differential and would be shipping it soon.
Weeks later I had not heard from Mike and called him, only to find his voice mail full.
Days went by and he finally answered his phone.
Mike told me that the rain flooded his shop and it took him days to clean out the mud, however he had the roof replaced and was in full production again.
Mike promised my differential would be shipped within two weeks.
Two weeks later I called Mike and his excuse was that he sliced his thumb in his lathe and it put him behind again, however my "differential was assembled" however he was still waiting for the outer axles which Tom's promised would be shipped any day.
Over the next several weeks I attempted to contact Mike on the telephone and through email.
His voice mail was always full and he never returned my emails.
About this time a very negative thread was posted about a 12 bolt differential Mike Dyer built on this forum. There was much discussion that the failure was due to Mikes poor workmanship, his failure to warranty his work and not communicating with the buyer.
Mike called me, told me that his work was top notch, and that it was the buyer who would not communicate with him and he would have warranted his work had he been given the chance.
Several weeks passed and I heard nothing from Mike.
When I finally contacted Mike he told me he had suffered a mild stroke, was in the hospital for a short time, was released, was taking medication for stomach pain and his blood pressure.
Mike said he was back in his shop working and felt he had recovered.
Mike told me that my differential was "completely assembled", he received the outer axles and he just wanted to repaint the half shafts because he was not happy with they way they looked from Tom's and he wanted them to be perfect.
Mike said he would ship my differential within the week.
Then nothing, no contact, no answers to my emails and his voice mail was full.
I sent Mike numerous emails telling him I wanted a full refund and the return of my new trailing arms.
Not one was answered, until finally this past week he answered his phone.
Mike told me that he was having problems with his medication and spent the past week in the hospital.
Mike said he had a friend "break him out of the hospital" stopped taking any medication and was back to work feeling great.
Mike told me he ditched checking out of the hospital to avoid payment and "they won't get a dime of my money".
I told Mike I wanted a full refund and the return of my trailing arms and nothing else.
Mike told me that he had all the parts, my "differential was on his bench and he was ready to start the assembly".
Mike said "he would have everything assembled by the end of the week", but he was now waiting for the parking break assemblies, which were on back order.
Mike told me he did not have any money to refund me, however he would ship me the parts he had and figure what I would owe him for his labor.
I said I wanted a refund, my trailing arms returned and asked him if he would email me any hospital documents he had to show he was in the hospital.
Mike asked me if I thought he was lying, said he did not have any documents to show he was in the hospital, stated "**** you" and hung up the phone.
I have repeatedly asked Mike for a refund and have not received it.
Mike did return my trailing arms with a box of rusted old junk parts that he told me were new off the shelf parts he received from Tom's Differential.
I contacted Tom's and sent them photographs of the parts Mike sent me.
Tom's emailed me stating the parts I received were not new off their shelf parts and they sent photographs showing the condition of their parts on their stock shelves.
The bearings and races I received were not stamped with any manufactures name of part numbers and were identified by another forum member as cheap china junk, the u-joint boxes were filled with grit, the half shafts were nicked and marred and were not identified with any manufactures name or part numbers and the ARP wheel stud packages were marked for a Ford.
I returned the parts Mike sent for an additional cost to me of $90.00 shipping.
I will be taking legal action against Mike Dyer in the hope to recover my $3,900.00, the repair of my trailing arms, the additional shipping costs and all legal fees.
I hope this thread will prevent others from loosing like I did.

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These are the parts I received from Mike Dyer that were supposed to be new off the shelf parts from Tom's Differentials.
Due to the way my trailing arms were packaged in the shipping boxes, they were damaged during shipment and while under Mike's care. They will need to be repaired and powder coated at my cost.


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I got a call from Mike's companion who disclosed to me that Mike simply finished Justin's organization and would get it delivered today. Mike was intending to finish any machine work and start the get together on my back differential today and would have liked to finish it by next Friday.
Kodi nox
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