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DRiVESonlyGM said:
based on the pictures that were posted on here of the white C6 and the maroon C6, I like the car from what i have seen. The thing that I am not too sure about is the front end. The headlights look like those on a Honda S2000 (although we all know the corvette will have way more balls than an S2000). I currently have a lawsuit pending against a dealership for a car that i bought and I would definitely consider buying a new C6 when it comes out with my settlement. The C6 looks hot......esp. the maroon one. Definite fan of the new rims also!!!
I like the new rims also. They much beafier than the "thin spoke" wheels. Although they could have gone a little thicker in the spokes.

I think the car will look kick ass. The nose will take some getting used to, as it has for all generations.:thumbsup:
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