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I daily drive a C7 Corvette Grand Sport that I unfortunately had to take into the shop this week since I scraped a curb when entering my apartment building (yes it was stupid, and yes I am devastated about doing that)

As a car enthusiast I do spend lots of time reading and watching car reviews, but obviously I only have so much money and I'm definitely not the type to swing by dealerships for "funsies" test drives so I figured it would be a good idea to rent some cars on Turo that I have been interested in while waiting for my C7 to get repaired.
The R8 that I rented was a 6 speed single clutch auto with a 4.2L 420HP V8 producing 317 lbs of torque at 4,500RPM. The car weighs around 3600lbs and has AWD. My C7 has 460HP and 460 lbs of torque and weighs about 3450lbs.

Though the numbers are in the C7's favor, I figured the R8 wouldn't be dramatically off the mark once you figure in AWD and mid-engine chasis goodness (yes I know the C7 is technically mid-engine...but it gets that honor more on a technicality as far as I am concerned). There's also the fact that the R8 is a bona fide supercar/halo car while the Corvette is always characterized as a sports car that just really punches above its weight class once you look at the value proposition.

Here's some initial thoughts on the R8.

-The first thing I noticed about the R8 is its single clutch automatic transmission. Dual clutches are definitely more standard nowadays so driving a single clutch auto was interesting. When the car is in automode you can feel the car letting off the gas, letting the clutch engage, and kind of "surging" like you would feel on a regular manual transmission car shifting through gears. This was fun and engaging because you had the sensation of driving a manual transmission car without the hassle of using a clutch. That being said, the auto mode was definitely very clunky (and I'm not even being picky) but manual mode was a pure joy to drive around with, and is definitely the preferred mode for the car (whether you're being a driving purist or not). The only thing that I didn't like about the transmission was that it did wear you out after a while, and though the R8 is often characterized as a civilized super-car, this transmission would make it a tiresome daily driver.
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