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I've seen pictures and stories about using the replacement rollers you can buy from about every vendor, that they're not 100% correct as they tend to be a bit taller than stock. Some were having issues after they installed the new ones with parts hitting the motor bolts.

Add to that that I didn't want to drill out my old roller post and have to replace it, not knowing if it's installed as good as the stock one was.

So I was doing a lot of research on here and elsewhere about the problem. I came across some rollers from a local parts supplier that looked close to what all the vette suppliers seem to have.

Here's the part:

The old one:

prying off the back:

height difference between original post on right and new post:

the new roller front:

roller back:

prying the new back off:

pushing out the new post from the new roller with a bolt and a 5/8" socket in my vise:


getting ready to press the new roller on the old post:

pressing on the new roller:

new roller installed:

looking like a stock roller height to me:

There new rollers are pretty tight on the post but I imagine they'll loosen up after some use.

I hope someone finds my information of some use. :thumbsup:
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