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National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame:
As a long time member of the National Corvette Museum, I am disappointed and frustrated that they continue to ignore, snub, or just fail to recognize some outstanding people that are the foundation of the Corvette Hobby and have kept it alive for many years. Now to be perfectly clear on the subject, I am not discrediting any of the individuals already inducted into the Hall of Fame.; they are deserving of the honor, and should be recognized for their contributions. What I find disheartening is that there is room to add others annually that should have been recognized years ago. That is why as owner of I am starting “THE VETTESTER WALL OF FAME” FOR CORVETTE ENTHUSIASTS that have contributed to our great Hobby. Let’s start out by nominating David Burruoughs of Bloomington Gold Fame. The Man came up with the greatest idea of all, by allowing multiple First Place winners in each class. This idea created camaraderie among Corvette Enthusiasts bringing them together to achieve what he calls “Gold Status” thus building the character of what our hobby has become (not a competition, but a Brotherhood of Corvette Enthusiasts.) The Bloomington Gold Show is World Famous and considered the “Granddaddy of all Corvette Show’s.”
NEXT: Mike Yager of Mid America Motorworks. The self proclaimed “Corvette Chief Cheerleader” is that and more. He is a smart Businessman who lives the American Dream, and shares it with his customers. His Funfest is a top notch annual Event that supports what I am saying about this Man.
How about Mr. Motion Performance Joel Rosen and the Passionate Journalist, Martyn L. Schorr founder of VETTE Magazine, who have brought the spirit of our Hobby to life?
And The Eckler’s: They have been supplying Fiberglass replacement parts for Corvettes since 1965.
Please join me in nominating these fine examples of Corvette Enthusiasts who have help build the foundation of our hobby, they deserve to be Recognized. Just log onto and categorically place a name of someone you believe to be a great contributor to the CORVETTE and its related hobby.

Frank Pope
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