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Hello forum friends!

As some here know, my name is Adam Boca, and I work for the National Corvette Museum’s NCM Insurance Agency. I have been an employee of the NCM for over 11 years now and love every minute of working here! I handle all aspect of the NCM Insurance Agency and any general Corvette question, or Corvette history question that you may have.

The NCM Insurance Agency was unveiled to the Corvette/Collector Car world in April and has been a huge hit! I am almost 48 state licensed, and our Under Writer (American Modern Home Insurance Group) is 48 state licensed, so a policy can be written in almost every state.

We write Agreed Value insurance, so if your collector car gets hit, the price we agree on when we establish the policy is what you get paid. This is different than many of your standard auto insurance folks who write on Actual Cash Value or Stated Value (aka Agreed Cash Value). AMIG is an A+ company according to AM Best and pays out 90-95% of all claims.

We also have broader usage guidelines, various mileage options (1K, 3K, 6K, or Unlimited Miles depending on the state that you live in), one time liability charge, $2K spare parts coverage included in each policy, towing covering, trip interruption coverage, pet coverage, etc.

Our Collector Car Insurance Program is not just limited to old cars or Corvettes, if you have a new Corvette and limit your usage/driving you may qualiify as well.

If you are interested in seeing if you can save some money and get equal or better coverage check out the site or give me a call.

Thanks and I look forward to working with you all!

Adam Boca
877.NSUR.NCM (877.678.7626)
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