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I'm a resident to the C3 forum but i need expertise of my fellow forum members. This weekend I'm going to check out a 1964 convertible vette for a fellow forum member. He's over a 750 miles away and I'm only 50 so I thought I'd do a recon for him so to speak
now I'm only doing this out of the kindness of my heart so any help would be appreciated.

anyone have pictures of the vin and body tags and there locations

anything specific to this year model I should look out for.

Its a original numbers matching car so what color should the block be

I know convertibles are known for leaking so are there some trouble spots to watch out for

Pics of engine bays from guys with original engines would really be helpful

Any advice in general that will help me do a rough inspection

Thanks in advance

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Here's a couple of photos buddy

I would prepare to climb under the car

Look for any leaks or Rotted out sections on the frame

Also see if the frame has ever been repaired

which would indicate the car was perhaps wrecked

or a rusted out section was replaced

Also look to see if there are stress lines in the fiberglass or
if the body has ever been repaired

to see if any of the body panels have ever been repaired you need to look from the backside of the panel

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