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I'm putting this thread on for a friend who imported a 71 from Japan. It is hard to work out what the vette was originally? He's not sure but it looks as if it came with an M22, had a 454 (has SB now) and other weird combinations, so I'll just paste what he sent me from an email....can anybody help?????

Quote from John..."71 Corvette Roadster , Blue on Blue, Big Block Hood , No holes for 454 Badges , has only 2 holes on either sides , look old & original and accurately drilled , for what I don’t know

Original paint underneath newer paint , correct dated & lathches correct ,

Aluminium Radiator support , Original overflow tank dated B71 , with original bracket riveted to innergaurd ,( only supposed to be on BB or ZR1) non air

Original Rear Stabilizer Bar , also 3.36 Posi rear

Muncie Box is Fine Spline with a filler & Drain plug , I think it’s a M22 Rockcrusher maybe , it has my vin & other info stamped into it in the correct place

On the rear flange etc ,( Supposedly only supplied on 130 cars that year ,& could only be ordered with LS6 or ZR1 ) supposedly

But the problem is , I cant find any holes in the front Left inner guard for the transistor ignition, & it has a return fuel line which is rochecher not holley

And the gauges had previously been replaced with autometer gauges , so I cant tell the Redline

This is a no hit car , broken lower spoiler section only , still has all the original , fiberglass date stickers under the front nose , gaurds vin sticker still on door,all bondings look original etc

(2nd email)
I have a muncie 4 speed off a 71 Corvette it appears to be the
original one that came with the car with a FINE SPLINE INPUT SHAFT WITH
2 GROOVES, which I thought may be a M22 , but according to the stampings
on the side of the rear flange
The last letter "A" means it's a M20 if its supposed to be the last
The numbers are as follows
Car is built on 22nd June 71 - K22
C11S120xxxx - vin matches
P1H10A OR P1H1CA - Hard to read O or C , P= Place of manufacture,1= 71
model, H1 then C= M22 June 1 OR H10 = June 10 & M20
Small Tag under bolt on shift side plate=3981709WT
Casting Main Body = 3925661
Tailhousing = 3978764
Every other M20 I've had ON 68,s & 69,s I'm almost sure had a coarse
spline input shaft ,

Any Information would be appreciated

Rgds John Y


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P= Muncie 4-Speed, Heavy-Duty Aluminum case
1=last digit of the vehicle model-year
H=letter representing the month of transmission manufacture (JUNE)
10=two digits designating the date of the month ("01" through "31")
A=ending with the applicable Muncie gear ratio suffix.
Muncie 4-Speed M20 Wide-Range (2.52:1 1st gear)

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