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I have the 1989 Book Corvette Grand Sport Dave Friedman which has "Photographic Race Log of the Magnificent Chevrolet Corvette Factory Specials 1962-1967" under the title at the bottom.(Unlike the subsequent version-1999 hardcover #80 on the cover which I also have.) the 89' Book I have is the #3 Delmo Johnson/Dave Morgan Corvette on the cover. Was there ever another Cover? or one with the #4 White car/64' Sebring Of Hall? I know on the title page it does and it has the factory specials subtitle. there is another funny thing,the original 1989 Book has no INDEX in the back,and on the last page has Photo that is NOT in the 1999 version of the #12 Wintersteen Roadster passing A GT40! THE 99' Book does not,and it has a Index.

So that is my question above regarding alternate covers..

I am looking for the SOFTCOVER VERSION of the Grand Sport Book with the #3 and #2 Cars in Color on the Cover. which is from 2004 and newer,but for some reason ODDLY more EXPENSIVE than the Original Issued Book on amazon/ebay etc.

does anyone have it? what about the back cover-a picture?

I am looking for one to buy but not at the current price,Something a little less. PLEASE I have exhausted my search,google,etcera.


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