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Hey all,

I also posted this in the C3 section, but figured more guys might be running aftermarket ecu's in the C5 section than anywhere else?

Finally got my 427 sb (gen I) going last week and the old Edelbrock proflo ecu just isn't up to it. It idles and barely runs extremely rich and I can't adjust any of the parameters with the module. Sooo, it's time for an upgrade. I sold my old motor so I would have the cash to buy, but $2k is really the upper limit.

Have to use my Edelbrock fuel rails, ported intake (basically a vic jr.) and 1000 cfm throttle body. Also have to use my 48 lb venom high imped injectors.
Important factors
1. Has to be pretty easy to configure and tune as I don;t know much.
2. Has to work with my sb 427 with a 670/670; 250/[email protected] .050; 111 LS solid roller cam.
3. Needs to work with a MSD 6A box
4. Am looking into getting a new distributor, probably a dual sync MSD, Accel or FAST. Need this to make it work in sequential.
5. Definitely want a wide band O2 sensor

So far, I have looked into the following.
1. Megasquirt: Nice setup, but too complicated for me it looks like.
2. Accel Gen 7: Looks good from what I have read, but some ppl say the tuning software is a bit more complicated than similar systems?
3. FAST: Leaning toward this one, but it is a bit high when you add in their ridiculously expensive wiring harnesses ($450-$500).
4. Bigstuff 3: Leaning toward this one as it is supposed to be easy to use and has two wide band O2 sensors. Not sure it controls high imped injectors or not, checking on this.
5. Any other systems?

Also, any pros and cons to any of these systems?
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