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Need help with a light scratch

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I have a light scratch on my car and I was wondering if it is possible for me to remove it and with what? Thanks.
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Depended on your deff. on "scratch"! Has it gone through the paint all together? Or is this just a superfiscal scratch?
Let's assume it's through the bad do you want it to not show? Do you have the cash to get it fixed by a pro in a good shop? Where is it on the car?
I know that SOME body shops would be willing to mix you up a small little mini jar of paint and you can try and touch it up yourself. WON'T probably look nearly as good...but it can save you some money. Only down side is that red is a hard color to match (normally) have a paint code on the car, but they should be able to match it or look up the color based on the car code.

Doing it yourself is probably not what I would suggest...but it's better than nothing if you can stand to look at the scratch and don't have the extra money to spend to get it done correctly. Good luck!


1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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