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I am currently working with a local machine shop in getting a fuel pump module made for '97-03E vettes. Something along the lines of the Aeromotive Stealth C5 kit.

Does anyone have a driver's side fuel pump module-doesnt have to be working-preferrably with a pump-doesnt have to work either- that I could get for cheap so we have something to work off of? How about a Drivers side fuel tank? doesnt have to hold fuel or anything like that lol....

The cheapest I have seen is around $200, and that is just way too much for something that will end up most likely just being a mock up and not used....

The module would have to be for 97-03E, GM PN 8904774 or AC Delco PN MU1217 or equivelant. The tank is GM PN 12459859 or equivelant.

Any help with this part I could get would be greatly appreciated- and could lead to a definate solution to the problem those like me with a 97-03E vette have when upgrading our fuel systems.
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