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need help with electrical problems

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I've been having problems with the electrical system ever since my battery decided to throw up all over the hvac and shorted out the ecbm. A couple months ago the car started to die after 2-3days of sitting, I took it in and they went through the entire electrical system 5 times and they couldn't find out what was causing the problem. They just replaced my optima battery for me and everything was fine until last week. I came out again and the car was dead after sitting for 3days. I took it in and I had a weak alternator that wasn't producing the correct voltage, not charging the battery well. Well after that got fixed the car sat for 2 days and I tried to start it but it wouldn't turn over. I still had the lights and what not but it wouldn't turn over. I noticed the battery voltage was about 13.3 V once I got it jumped and it took 10-15 min to get up to 13.9 V. I drove up to dallas and it seemed ok. Today same thing, i'm guess that's to charge the battery? Anyways, i didn't get any codes but i'll get them tomorrow and post anything i get. Any ideas on whats going on, because I have no idea now :thud:
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here's the codes


i haven't had a chance to look these up but thanks for any help:thumbsup:
punisher: thanks for looking those up. Now, any ideas on what those mean?

mac11 Everything was cleared. Those codes are from after the car died this last time.
I believe there's a starter to frame ground point on the frame directly UNDER the battery. To check it, the battery has to be removed. It could have been doused in electolyte and now is corroded to the point its no longer grounding the starter. That would leave the lights and everything you mentioned operational but give you the no start.
The battery puking all over happened in about feb, I don't think it's that. I checked anyways and everything under there looks pretty clean.
I checked the voltage again and it was at 11.5. this morning it was 11.6. do you think there's a slow draw?
Thanks for all the info. The car's going back today to get the alternator replaced. i'm definetly going to check the static/dynamic charge once I get it back to make sure they didn't screw me again. I'll keep you updated to what happens
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