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need help with electrical problems

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I've been having problems with the electrical system ever since my battery decided to throw up all over the hvac and shorted out the ecbm. A couple months ago the car started to die after 2-3days of sitting, I took it in and they went through the entire electrical system 5 times and they couldn't find out what was causing the problem. They just replaced my optima battery for me and everything was fine until last week. I came out again and the car was dead after sitting for 3days. I took it in and I had a weak alternator that wasn't producing the correct voltage, not charging the battery well. Well after that got fixed the car sat for 2 days and I tried to start it but it wouldn't turn over. I still had the lights and what not but it wouldn't turn over. I noticed the battery voltage was about 13.3 V once I got it jumped and it took 10-15 min to get up to 13.9 V. I drove up to dallas and it seemed ok. Today same thing, i'm guess that's to charge the battery? Anyways, i didn't get any codes but i'll get them tomorrow and post anything i get. Any ideas on whats going on, because I have no idea now :thud:
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I would seriously check that ground under the battery. If the ground is corroded, you will get a weaker voltage on it until it corrodes to a zero voltage potential. The ground lines corroding, most especially the connector style ground points corroding are the cause of most electrical issues in the vette...
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