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Need some advice from the body work guru's

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Hey Everyone.
I had a picture update from the shop concerning my body off restoration. The pictures can be found here : The pictures concerning these questions are under the 08-05-2007 bodywork folder.
Before I make some silly remarks when talking to the body guy could any of you help me with these questions?

1) I suppose the whole body is sanded upto the bare polyester and then the gaps are tweaked? (fitment between bumpers and body, gaps around the doors)
2) Arn't normally the doors removed to have better access to the inner door wells for sanding?
3) Arn't the windows removed instead of masking them ?(as for example I have new seal strips to be mounted)
4) Why not remove the door handles and door locks and mask them when I have new door handles and locks to be assembled?
5) The rear silicone was glued in with silicone and someone did a very messy job + the polyester edge around the window was irregular, wouldn't you remove the window instead of masking it?
6) The corner near the rear door glass, wouldn't you remove all trim and weatherstrips before sanding?
7) The car is outside?

Maybe its just a panic rush because I dont know alot about it and the guy is renowned for jobs well done..

Thanks in advance,
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As far as body work goes:
- All weatherstiping must be removed as well as glue remnants
- As for irregular groves and notches around rear window, fiberglass body filler
- You should take off doors and hood for proper prep and paint
- You don't have to remove door glass or windsheild, possibly rear window if it's an earlier C3 (you'll know what I'm talking about if you can)
- As for gaping everything you'll need to use actual fiberglass mat and epoxy to build up gaps then cut and sand them down for proper gap spacing, fiberglass body filler to smooth imperfections.
- For sanding the body, if the paint is still factory then roughing up the surface with 120grit BY HAND then take it down again with 500 BY HAND will do the trick. If the cars been painted in the past then you should talk to a reputable paint shop for their take. You are then talking about some BIG money for a good paint job and most of that money will go into taking off your existing paint and all the prep work that must be done cause it's a fiberglass body.
- DO NOT use chemical striper to take the paint off if you decide to do it yourself!!!

Post any other questions and I'm sure someone here will give you some good advice. Hope this helps
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Take off door handles and locks. This can take a while but a small child or a chic with small hands will be of some benefit. What I mean is that there is a VERY hard to get to nut holding the door handle in place, actually there are two but one is a lot harder than the other to work on and off. You should start loosening it and once it's loose get the kid/chic to unscrew it the rest of the way! Also the metal trim on your T-tops have to come off too.
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