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Need some advice from the body work guru's

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Hey Everyone.
I had a picture update from the shop concerning my body off restoration. The pictures can be found here : The pictures concerning these questions are under the 08-05-2007 bodywork folder.
Before I make some silly remarks when talking to the body guy could any of you help me with these questions?

1) I suppose the whole body is sanded upto the bare polyester and then the gaps are tweaked? (fitment between bumpers and body, gaps around the doors)
2) Arn't normally the doors removed to have better access to the inner door wells for sanding?
3) Arn't the windows removed instead of masking them ?(as for example I have new seal strips to be mounted)
4) Why not remove the door handles and door locks and mask them when I have new door handles and locks to be assembled?
5) The rear silicone was glued in with silicone and someone did a very messy job + the polyester edge around the window was irregular, wouldn't you remove the window instead of masking it?
6) The corner near the rear door glass, wouldn't you remove all trim and weatherstrips before sanding?
7) The car is outside?

Maybe its just a panic rush because I dont know alot about it and the guy is renowned for jobs well done..

Thanks in advance,
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Thanks for the replies, it means alot! Perhaps its just a preliminary stage as the body needs to be dropped on the frame, come back to Belgium, mount engine and transmission, ship back to France for the finalisation (mounting and painting). Yeah the main thing which bothers me are the door locks and the T top hardware still attached at the moment. Both A pillar and rear glass weatherstrip where replaced some years ago so that might be the reason why they are not removed. I think the glass has to come out anyway to mount the new rubber edge trim on the door no?
The T-tops are replaced by glass ones, hence they are not going to be painted.
Anyway some other pictures of the engine bay and underbody cleaned up. (the whole serie you can still find on under the 09-05-2007 body and frame work folder.






A grease free transmission tunnel !

rear end

front end
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