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Wasn't sure where to put this one and it is germane to anyone who does anykind of racing.

You must get a Computech for car set up for racing. It is a very, very accurate mini complete weather station and it helped me this weekend. Tells you everything you can possibly think of that is atmosphere related and I will mention just a few that helped me this weekend.

Temp was 95.4, barometer was 29.41, Humidity was 77%, grains of water was 93.8 and the adjusted altitude was 3577 ft.. The actual altitude was <700 ft.
It also measures tons of other stuff that I do not understand: vapor pressure/wet bulb/dry bulb/correction factor (that one I know) and much more.

Just junk conditions but from my info I dialed in a 9.99et and actually ran a 9.99 which was pure luck. Without the info and my previous data to compare it to I would have dialed about a 10.2.

It also told me to do a longer burn out and leave at about 200 rpm less: if you race at all get one!!

The day before the car ran a 9.82 and this was near normal based on the weather . . .

This thing is the best thing I use.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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