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Hey guys,

After all my mods have been completed and only a problem or two left, I decided to see what the car had. When I did/do this I launch like normal hard through 1st and 2nd, then the clutch gets too "sticky" and wont let me out of 2nd. When it "cools" down it will let me out with a little persuasion and the same for picking the next gear, a little hard to get it in. Is the LS6 clutch only good for 450FWHP? If so, I guess I eclipsed that mark. Not to mention it has over 70K miles on it.

1) Do I need a new clutch or is something else arye?
2) If new clutch is needed, which one?
3) " " " " " , How to removal old?
4) " " " " " , How to install new?
5) What is a reasonable price for this job? What else should be done as a "While I'm in there" kind of thing?

Thanks guys,

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