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New guy with a ZO6

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Heres my story.

I was always a Chevy guy. I built a BBC 468cid in my senior year of high school for my Graduation project. This was going into my El Camino. (never did) I went to a GM ASEP school in Hollywood Florida and it was a requirement that we worked at a dealership. I started at a local Chevrolet dealership as an apprentice tech. I worked on diesels and Heavy duty trucks for 6 months. After that I worked with one of the driveability guys. This is when I took my first ride in a Corvette C5. It was a Justin Bell driving school ZO6. My friend and I took it out for a spin and I fell in love with the car. After becoming a full time tech I started working on a lot of different Vettes. I worked on a ZR1 with 550hp that was a SCCA car, a C5 that was Supercharged with about 500hp and a couple other 11 second Camaros. But I never enjoyed those cars as much as a stock ZO6. There was something about the the ZO6 that I liked a lot. I later left Chevrolet (Didn't want to pay me enough money as a Master Tech) and went to Carmax. After buying many different cars through the last 2 years at Carmax. I finally had the chance to buy a ZO6 (at a low price that is). Last saturday we had a trade in of a Blue 2002 ZO6 with 16K miles and a couple of issues. I luckily went into work to look at Wholesale vehicles and saw the car minutes after it came in. I put the car on hold, sold my 95 nissan 240sx. I took the car home on wednesday. I had to put a front wheel on it (curb checked) and perform an alignment. The ABS light is on. I diagnosed it and it needs an EBCM (900 dollars new). SES light came on too with a secondary air injection code. The pass window and door lock actuator don't work. Battery leaked and the A/C vacuum line is broken. Other than that the car is great!! I love this thing. I never thought I would actually buy one. Enough of my babel! Here is a picture.

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Great car. I have a 2001 ZO6 and love to drive it. Welcome
Welcome to Digital Corvettes and congrats on your C5 purchase.
Thanks Guys!
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