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New high flow cats, engin light says ones not working

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I went through it getting my LG long tube headers, high flow cats, Xpipes and corsa cat backs. :down:

It was caught on fire, took 3 weeks to repair and now the check engine light is on with the code that one of the cats aren't working. :crazy:

Can anybody give me advice? I may do away with the cats one day anyway, is there a way to take that off my computer so it doesn't recognize this un perfect
cat or will I have to fight this thing. :huh:

Let me guess, I have to deal with the Prob. :down:
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Sorry, too much Info for my Pee brain. Can you simplify that some? :WTF
Hi Flow CATS and Engine Light

I had same problem on my 2004 Convertible 6 speed. Installed LT headers, HF CATS, cross pipe, Corsa exhaust about 18 months ago. Never a problem and solid performance. Last week check engine light came on. Ran DTC and got P0420 and P0430 - catalyst system low efficiency. I Also have a Predator Diablo performance tune. Re-installed factory tune and engine light went away. Re-installed performance tune and engine light is still off. Just resetting DTC will not make it go away. Good luck.
I called LG and they said if I clear it 3 times it wouldn't come back on. So far I've done it twice, just don't have the time to keep running up to the shop to get it cleared.
I just need a tune. I'll have to wait until I have a thousand dollars to spend. I was told on another thread that the Halteck Stinger is the best.
I have a Diablo on my truck, 6.0 powerstroke. It added 100 extra HP. That truck will get it. Is the Diablo as good of tune as the Halteck?
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